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How do you serve your kombucha?

I have been seen, on the odd occasion, supping a Smoke House straight out of the bottle, and it is tough to fight the urge to draw off a warm glass of Royal Flush straight out of the fermenter, sweet and fruity with a touch of lanolin. It’s just like milk straight from the cow.

But is there a way that you ought to serve your Real Kombucha? What’s the best glass? Should you take it neat? Each to their own I say, but here’s the way I like it.

Royal Flush

Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush is aptly named due to its origin in a first flush Darjeeling tea, known locally in India as the Queen of Teas. It is rich and fruity, but with a delicate oiliness just like a good Sauvignon.

For me I like to serve my Royal Flush in a tall, large-bowled white wine glass. Don’t make it too cold as this can lose some of the lighter fruity flavours and limit the character of the aroma. Stick your nose right in and draw in a long deep breath. Can you smell the almond and vanilla, a bit of apricot and then that oily astringent lanolin in the background? The word ‘lush’ was invented for moments like these.

And then you sip. Royal Flush is not a kombucha to be guzzled. It is way too delicate and sophisticated for that – way too regal.

Smoke House

Smoke House on the other hand is the beer or cider of the family. Take a classy, round tumbler and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so to make it really cold. This way you don’t need to cool your drink too far, but the glass will keep it chilled for much longer.

When you pour, notice the head. It holds much better than a usual kombucha. Then take a deep breath and absorb that lovely smokey aroma.

From here, I admit – I tend to quoff deeply. The longer you take the first draw, the richer the flavours of smoke, caramel and apple. Drink it like taking a deep breath. Hold, pause, then breath out. And then start again.

Dry Dragon

Dry Dragon is the Kombucha for all occasions. Light, fruity and citrusy, Dry Dragon should just be drunk to refresh.

I usually grab a high-ball, often add a little ice to make it really cold and sometimes add a slice of lemon if I am feeling really adventurous. And there any many different fruits you could add to top it off: strawberries, cucumber, grapes, raspberries – they all do the right job on different occasions.

Then again, if I have just come back from a run or a cycle, or back from the beach in the summer, there is nothing – and I mean nothing – better than sucking a Dry Dragon straight out of the bottle, down in one gulp.

The only real rule I have, however, is that whatever you do, you have to make sure your Dry Dragon is really, really cold.

That’s just the way I do it. I’d love to hear how you take your booch. Drop us a line via InstagramTwitter or Facebook and share with us your Real Kombucha tidbits.

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